your effervescent kindness is my fortress

i’m not telling you,
i’m asking you in my sleeping voice;
where do the buses go
when they have settled down for the night?

lilac liver and chocolate heart making out in banana republic

coupla two-moon townees gettin on

little sleeper sleeps with folded hands
to the right hand, the left says:
it is so nice to be near you, honey
to the left hand, the right says:
it is so lovely to know you, dear

Poko awaits his waltz with the Spanish countess

cloud keeper and leaf mover re-arrange the billiard room — taking special care to polish the snifters

hour to hour, we try to love and remain loveable 

little oven mitt covered in burns, now the keeper of the rubies

when i find your missing parts, I always put them back; like a conscientious librarian reshelving strewn books — according to their proper order.

gets me all tangled up in my stomach and in my hair when you speak about nimbostratus clouds like that, babe

ticket-taker's shadow remembers her regulars makes her recount their mispronunciations but she always remembers each guest's last name

parker the car in the forest

slept for a bit

felt your steps comin through the dark

like a cathode rays

i know your step

Linxy got botox in her elbows because she didn’t like the creases. arm-bending manoeuvres have since been kept to a minimum. the impaired dexterity has since compromised her ability to embrace her cat with any level of sincerity. it is not the cat that minds the lack of affection, but the pet fish who lives in a glass box — purchased only for his beauty

whenever i see you in the market, you make me feel like a queen even through i know i'm a wretch

recalcitrant lover concedes to helping colleague locate mis-matched socks in the break room