Megan Dyck is a Canadian artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Drawing inspiration from the idiosyncrasies and perceived character traits of mundane utilitarian objects, Megan's sculptures attempt to invoke a sort of involuntary personification of themselves by exploiting the mind’s natural tendency to relate to it’s vehicle, the body. Through a variety of media, she aims to create objects which become abstract characters; quietly provoking the viewer to consider their own bodies and interactions with every-day objects in unknown or forgotten capacities. The formation of these works is dictated by routine scavenging, sketching, and re-appropriating found materials and objects; a constant flux between drawing and constructing. Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Megan received her MFA from the University of Victoria (2014) and holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design (2010). Megan teaches sessional classes at ACAD and the University of Calgary.
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