artist statement
My studio research is concerned with querying the incongruous nature of the human psyche by re-interpreting commonplace scenes from the everyday lives of strangers and people whom I know within phantasmagorical visual contexts. Drawing upon the subconscious perceptual lens of semi-trance states, themes of magical realism, and notions of the uncanny, my figurative works depict individuals engrossed in indistinct, latently familiar gestures — neither sensual nor mechanical. Occupying taciturn, dazed, or enamoured psychological zones, my subjects are situated in un-bound spaces; amidst hybrid forms and repeating motifs of a prosaic, frequently arbitrary disposition akin to that which might be encountered during a daydream, or a zoom meeting where attendees are temporarily frozen or partially disembodied. Fragmented and self-referential, these characterizations are devoid of coherent settings or explicit narratives. Within this liminal realm, my imagery explores states of reverie, disassociation, and the tendency of the distracted mind to oscillate between such divergent modes as sardonic rumination and hedonistic obsession while performing routine perfunctory tasks.