a special strawberry kiss shared between two adolescent rabbits.
a finicky, unctuous, ritual love.
nothing is withheld. radishes are abundant.

shine my coat of velvet for the spring

put your hands in my hair

your heart is full of tiny rooms
mine is the yellow one
i dust it’s stained-glass windows
and lick away the purple patina

in your tepid gypsum heart there is a place for me to graze. in your eyes, a tired warmth that will refuse to fully fade.

your chilly hands searched to find a place within your pockets to sleep
met dimes and expired mints under cover of acid-wash duvet
insufficient to insulate your fingers from the late December frost

I try to be quiet when I leave in the morning

if I can’t find you, I’ll call out from across the the lake. and I’ll come for you, even if I don’t recognize your voice.

pathos shack of liquorice and yogurt admits four guests at a time

Judge Judy book-signing at Panda Express prohibits mall patrons from accessing self-serve pop refill station

free oatmeal cookies available at the house of platonic love: weekdays, 2 to 5pm

The woollen pineapple envies the doubled-walled thermos. He wants to know how to keep liquids warm, and operate as the thermos does. He is too scared to confess his curiosity. He remains in his tchotchke cabinet. Some weeks ago, at the sight of one of the smaller children addressing the porcelain cat as a real cat — petting it and offering in cream — the woollen pineapple began to think that even though he did not know how to keep tea hot for a stranger to enjoy, he could be warm for someone. So, at night, he dreamed that he sprouted many spouts, and in his dream he served tea to the duke and duchess of Windsor. they came back every night.

tap those tiny tappers
tap all day and night
twirl your tortoise gently
so he can feel the coolness of the night air
on his warm neck

obsequious cake decorator pit crew re-adheres fondant teeth to cream puffs enroute to dentist retirement party

you pretend to sleep for three whole hours
I check intermittently that you are sufficiently covered by the blankets
your breathing forms little earthquakes on the duvet

waking, or sleeping
it is a special magic just to know your name

are you a little weary bell?
take a nap on the little weary chair

it will rock you gently
it will be a little weary boat now
just for you