These collage images make up the picture book that was included as part of  Sturlee Jagwich (my MFA Graduation show). My own interpretations of the sculptures in Sturlee Jagwich are collected in a taxonomy of absurd tropes I delight in constructing, such as 'overbearing yet standoffish,' 'campy but elegant,' and 'submissive yet tyrannical' -- often determined by site specificity in their misplacement, or a projected dialogue I envision between other objects. The groupings of images in this picture book (below) unite objects and characters whose respective tribes are reminiscent of these characterizations. 
Some of the combinations act as mundane affirmations of each other -- default of their ergonomics, characteristics, and placement in relation to their environment and other objects. Meanwhile, others assume more conflicting Jekyll and Hyde traits. The resulting groupings exemplify the tension and duality I aim to bring to life in my sculptures as I exploit the dramatic contrast between autonomy and dependence, beauty and homeliness, and austerity and vulnerability. ​​​​​​​

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